About Stubborn Raven

Stubborn Raven is the unholy thought-child of two cranky geeks who got tired of seeing their favourite genres, fantasy and science fiction, remain underrepresented in the traditional and even indie publishing industries.

The world has expanded far beyond the traditional, but to us it still feels like writers telling the fantasy and sci-fi stories they want to tell aren’t really represented in the stuff you see on the shelves, digital or otherwise.

Luckily fantasy and science fiction have always been the odd children of publishing, and we know its readers and writers share the genres’ tenacity.

We only have to create the space to connect with each other.

That’s where Stubborn Raven come in:


Ali has had quite the run when it comes to professions. He started out as a sound engineer while reading more than is probably healthy, which only fuelled his passion for sci-fi and fantasy. This passion led him to pursue and finish his degree in publishing, where he was immediately confronted by the lack of new and exciting works of sci-fi and fantasy that he loves so much.

He spent some time working with small publishers, which opened his eyes to the number of under-represented authors in his favourite genres, and from that point on the need for an outlet became clear: Sci-fi and fantasy must rise again.

Having honed his skills in digital production and editing, creating a platform for fantasy and sci-fi writers and readers was the next natural step.

The rest is just history, or time-travel.

Ali is still in love with good music, and is part of a dodgy punk band.


Stef has been reading sci-fi and fantasy for most of his life. He only started writing seriously after he failed to complete a commerce degree, and instead decided to follow his passion for the written word, going on to receive his degree in English and Language Practice.

Stef has since worked in the magazine and advertising industries over the past seven years, and during this time has picked up all manner of digital marketing, editing, managerial, and strategic experience, while also working on his own sci-fi/fantasy universe.

He started working with Ali to get his own website and social media presence going, and when they both realised the huge need in the market for quality indie publishing support, Stubborn Raven was hatched shortly after.


A recent publishing graduate, Olivia’s passion for sci-fi, fantasy, and horror quickly made her our most favouritest junior editor in the world.

She is a sheer genius when it comes to getting manuscripts to behave, and is a huge fan of Patrick Rothfuss.

She also loves telling Stef how she thinks the English language should work, despite what he and the nice people at Oxford think.


It sometimes feels like there’s isn’t anything Carms can’t do. An overall brilliant person, Carms brings more than a decade’s worth of sorely needed business management experience to the Stubborn nest.

She can usually be found reading whatever she likes, normally with a dog snuggling at her side.

The Stubborn Promise

We take the sci-fi and fantasy genres, (and other forms of spec fiction) seriously, and want to support writers who want to get their stories out into the world. We also want to give the readers of our books nothing short of awesome examples of what our genres are capable of accomplishing.

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