Are you a traditional publisher?

No. We see ourselves as something of a hybrid indie-publisher, which means we want our writers to enjoy the freedom of indie-publishing, but also benefit from the cool stuff about traditional publishing models, without all the hassle that comes with it.

Are you going to charge me anything to publish my book?

Never. If we accept your manuscript, we will make an offer to purchase it from you, or offer an advance for the rights to publish it. The costs of getting your sci-fi, fantasy, or sci-fantasy. (or whatever combination you prefer) story into the world is carried by us. Also, you will always keep the copyright of your story when you allow us to publish it.

How much will you pay for my story?

Our payment models are different for the type of story you submit:

Short Stories:

We purchase short stories outright, and our minimum amount is R1500 (approx US$100).

The maximum purchasing amount will depend on various factors, from the length of the short story, to the amount of work that needs to go into it.

Novellas and Novels

If we accept your novella, we will offer you an advance based on your needs, and how much work will have to go into your manuscript.

What about royalties?

Our royalty models differ between the types of stories we publish:

Short Stories

At the moment we only offer royalties on short stories when they go to print – either as part of an anthology or collection, or as a Print on Demand project. That being said, we know that some writers will have different needs than others, so we can always have a discussion about it.

Novellas and Novels

The royalties we offer for novellas and longer works will be based on each particular project’s unique needs.

Where are you going to publish my story?

Our distribution channels will differ per project, but our focus is predominantly on digital distribution. We have a mixed bag, but Amazon will be the default choice, unless we feel that your story will do better on a larger variety of platforms.

Print projects will be done on a Print on Demand basis, and will be distributed to our network of indie bookshops as a first run.

Can I submit more than one story?

Yes, as long as it isn’t the same story.

I already published a book (self-published or otherwise), or my story is posted on my blog. Can I still submit it to Stubborn Raven?

As long as you can definitively prove that you own the copyright of your story, and that you are not legally bound by a publishing and/or writer’s agreement from having someone else publish your story, you are more than welcome to bring it to us.

How involved will I be with the production of my story?

This is something we will discuss on a per-case basis with you, but we want you to be as involved as you want to be within reason.

Will you pay me to write for your blog?

Absolutely! We are on the lookout for some awesome content creators. So if you have an existing blog we can look at, or if you want to send a content proposal our way, send a mail to admin(at)stubbornraven(dot)com and we’ll take things from there.

Will I be allowed to promote my story?

Yes please! We will definitely ask you to mention your new story on your social media/blog/any other channel.

I have a questions that I don’t see here

You are more than welcome to DM us on Twitter or Instagram, or to drop us a mail at admin(at)stubbornraven(dot)com with your question, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.