Stubborn Stories

Have a look at our Stubborn authors and their spectacular fantasy and science fiction stories! As you know Stubborn Raven is still fresh of the presses, so this page will be taking flight throughout 2019 so keep an eye out for exciting stories to come!

May I Want

A mesmerizing fantasy short story by Tiah Beuatement

To some the seas hold many mysteries, but not to Laila. Her seaborne gifts have given her much, but when she is visited by an old acquaintance from her previous life she will find out that all gifts, hers included, come at a price.


“May I Want casts its own spell by the sea in a tale of magic, seduction, and mystery”
– Kate Farrel

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Tiah Marie Beautement is an American-Brit and the author of two novels, including the award nominated This Day (2014, Modjaji) and numerous short stories.

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Horizon’s Exile

Stefan van Staden debuts a breathtaking sci-fi short story

On the sand-drenched wastes of Nu-Orth there are only two certainties: You are either killed by the Nemesis, or you manage to kill them. Wren – a young hunter, finds out exactly what it means to hunt monsters, and what the hunt means for her future.


“A vivid short story drawing you into the mind and soul of Wren and her fight for life and truth in the darkness.”
– Unkown

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Stefan van Staden is a South African sci-fi and fantasy author. He shares his life with his wife, two dogs and books. He is also a sucker for dungeons and dragons. Stefan loves reading excellent stories and believes in pushing the boundaries in the science fiction and fantasy.

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